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Academic Virtual Classroom


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With over 30 years of combined Information Technology experience and an exceptional track record to back it up, YESHUA GROUP strives to reach perfection and continues to learn, grow and adapt to the technology industry. We offer many technical services to meet the demands of any organization from Technical Services to Marketing strategies to App development. We can help achieve any goal.

Platform Background

With the many demands organizations must meet along with the needs of students, staff, and remote workers, business as usual has evolved. Students need great teaching delivery methods and instructors want to assure they are providing the highest quality level of education to make their students successful. In an effort to meet this need, YESHUA GROUP has integrated a solution to facilitate any remote service, i.e. Blackboard, Webex, Zoom, Polycom, Teams, etc. With the touch of a remote and a paired Bluetooth microphone, staff can move anywhere within the classroom and point the camera to any location in the room. Platforms can range from $7500 to $25,000 depending on the configuration needs and wants.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Meet with key decision-makers and staff to understand the needs and wants of the organization to taylor the solution to their needs
  2. Make recommendations based on discovery meetings
  3. Install and integrate a multiplatform solution
  4. Perform 1-on-1 final delivery training

Timeframe 2-4 weeks

  • Project Evaluation
  • Build & System Test
  • Implementation Plan
  • Final Project Implementation
  • Training
  • Project Maintenance

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