What Are My Tech Hunter Pros?

MyTechHunter Professional

Long before the age of virtual meetings, there was a species of technicians that roamed the earth with a special skillset like no other, which made them better than the rest. That skillset was called great customer service skills.

They have now re-emerged and have come out with a ferocious will to provide technical expertise like no other. We call them Tech Hunter Pros!

Tech Hunter Pros are individuals who achieve and deliver exceptional technical service and look to hunt down the right answers, solutions, or services needed to get the job done. They stand side by side with our members to help them and guide them through the jungle of the technical world.

Are you A TechHunter

What do you need to become a Tech Hunter Professional?

  • Great customer service skills

  • Exceptional Technical Skills

  • Up to date LinkedIn profile

  • Up to date resume

  • Be legally able to work in the US

  • 3 Professional references 

What do you get once you are a Tech Hunter Pro?

  • Booked on your own schedule

  • Remote support tools

  • My Tech Hunter Teams account

  • A network of Tech Hunter Pros 

  • Independent contractor pay ranging from $30-$50/hour depending on your experience

  • Your own My Tech Hunter account profile 

  • Ability to promote yourself as a Tech Hunter Pro and get booked online

Are you ready to become a TechHunter